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Lady Samantha 06-01-2009 22:57

Mistresses who do not wish to be reviewed
The following Mistresses have stated that they do not wish to be reviewed.

Goddess Diana of Brighton
Mistress Vashti
Sidonia von Bork
Leg Mistress
Mistress Alex of Leeds
Goddess Sharimara
Canewell Academy
Lady Sonia
Madam Karina
Mistress Scarlet
Mistress Storm
Mistress Ebb
Madame Beatrice of London
Mistress Monique of London
Mistress Chloe
Mistress Debbie Strix
Mistress Ingrid of Sheffield
Governess X
Ms Zoe
Mistress Katie of Kingston upon Hull
Mistress Bridget
Lady Samantha
Miss Anna
Miss X
Mistress Fiorre
Mistress Shulay
Mistress Ursula
Mistress Armageddon
Aberrant Angel
Mistress Daniella
Dr D'Nyle
Lady Governa
Mistress Arella
Ingrid Frost
Mistress Hourglass
Miss Olivia Fitzgerald
Mistress Velour

If you are a Mistress who wishes not to be reviewed, please pm a moderator/Admin

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