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Default If it's Friday it must be London

Well, Friday 5th July and I‘m in London. Off to the depths of Camden and Primrose hill for a session with Mistress Adara.

We had e mailed each other and I had changed my mind every time I looked at her website.

It didn’t matter because the plan……..well its more a set of guidelines went out of the window.

I found the place ok, following her comprehensive instructions on times to contact her and where I should be when I did so.

Mistress Adara opened the door and ushered me in. We had a chat and she offered me some water, very welcome in the heat of the day. She instructed me to sit on a mat with my back to the wall. I did this and she quickly secured a collar around my neck, before introducing me to a scavengers daughter.

I should mention that Mistress Adara is into gadgets and machines.
She quickly put the scavengers daughter around my neck, then my wrists and then ankles. I was well and truly secured.

She smiled and giggled at my predicament, I hope you are comfortable, but it doesn’t matter does it , slave?

I couldn’t move anyway.

She opened a box, it was some form of electrical device that she had purchased from the USA. She hadn’t used it before and I was nominated to be the tester.

Sure enough, she quickly lubricated my genitalia and lower stomach and then ……….ZAP , How was that she enquired caringly? That was a tingle, I replied. A quick adjustment and a gasp from me, more painful.
Mistress tried the various pulses then steady current then the volume of current, checking levels each time.

She could tell by my ARRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHH how it was. She laughed and giggled, praising me for letting her sort out the effects.

I didn’t have much option, the scavengers daughter is very effective as bondage goes and the electrics are very painful at full level.

She loosened my wrist restraints and slipped on a pair of iron mitts, fastening them securely and then re-tightening the wrist restraints before another round of electrics left me exhausted.

Mistress removed the electrics when she had noted the effects of each number and pulse. She removed the scavengers daughter and the mitts replacing them with heavy rubber mitts and boots.

Then it was face down on to her table where my hands were chained to the head of the table and my feet together at the bottom.

She gagged me and told me to rattle my chains if I was in trouble.
I knew I was in trouble as she selected a series of canes, testing them in the air.

Mistresse’s table allows access to both sides of the body , a feature that she uses to good effect when caning.

She told me a little history of each cane and then demonstrated its effects. Luckily she had gagged me and my screams were muffled gasps.

Half way through, Mistress remembered that she had forgot the ginger root which I had requested. She left and returned with it, proceeding to insert it with a few hard pushes, no lubricant and then wiggling it around to ensure it was firmly in place.

Mistress returned to the caning, enthusing and giggling about each cane and its properties, how it would mark and how painful it would be.. All I can recall was that the properties of every one was painful.

It was a hot evening and I was actually glad of the ginger, as it showered me with cold ginger when the cane cut across me and ultimately the top of the ginger stem.

My bottom was very red and sore at the end of the caning, but when I was released from the table, there was to be no respite. She quickly removed my mitts and substituted them for finger stocks, turning the screws tightly until all my fingers were securely fastened. Then she tied a spreader bar to my ankles and proceed to tease each nipple with various clamps, telling me how effective they were, she finished off with tongue clamps holding my nipples and twisted them as fully as she could.
The session seemed to fly and in no time at all, it was over.
Very painful but highly enjoyable, experiencing the scavengers daughter, caning with ginger inserted and finger stocks for the first time. I’ll certainly try those out again. Mistress giggled, laughed and chatted throughout, it was a light hearted session which may not be suited to everyone, but be assured, she can be equally stern if it warrants it.

I had brought a Birdlocked Neo with me and had as usual, requested that Mistress autograph the plastic tag that she would fit onto it. She willingly did this and once the Neo was in position secured the tag.

Another autograph for my collection.

Thank you Mistress Adara for a wonderful time x

O wad some Power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us!

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