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Default Princess Aurora - CFNM party

This was an opportunity to fulfil an aspiration I had had for a while, having seen it advertised by another Mistress whose location made it difficult for me to put my dream into practice.
However, imagine my delight when a beguiling dominatrix under the name of Princess Aurora decided to stage a CFNM party right on my doorstep. I certainly wasn't going to hesitate in making sure I made a booking to see her and the group of "vanilla" ladies she had brought together to view and enjoy her skills as a bratty fetish princess inflicting all sorts of humiliations on her lucky slaves.
Aurora is stunningly pretty, her face fresh and fair, topped by lustrous blonde hair, like a technicolor dream goddess with a very sexy, sensual nymphet's body, unattainable, but oh so desirable.
As if her presence wasn't enough, she had with her the ladies who were there to view my humiliation and debasement. Three "vanilla" girls - young, very attractive and intelligent who, to be honest, initially seemed a little shy and reserved in my company, which was understandable seeing as it was the first time they'd been involved in something like this and I was to be the first recipient of the days events. However, you will see as you read - their reserve was to be quite fleeting!
I quickly had to strip naked and was tied to one of the benches where Princess Aurora sat on my face and smothered me. Soon, I was on another bench on my back with my legs dangling over metal bars as Aurora, with fingers and vibrator, amused herself by teasing and tormenting the most intimate parts of my body.
What followed was something of a blur but was so thrilling for a pervert like me! Being made to wear a mask and kneel on all fours and bark like a dog, and then to be spanked mercilessly, and then to be suspended upside down totally helpless as Aurora spat on me! It was all wonderful!
One of the highlights of the hour was to lie on the bench on my stomach and then have the vanilla girls pour hot wax over me (Aurora left them to it), all traces of earlier shyness having now disappeared, as they chatted and laughed as I whimpered as the hot wax settled on my naked body, in fact one of the ladies seemed to be taking a delight in ensuring some of the wax found its way into my bum crack!
The final humiliation (and another highlight) came at the end when I was made to lie under a portable toilet as Princess Aurora pissed in my mouth with the girls watching. Oh, the shame of it!!!
Who am I kidding, it was all wonderful! There are, perhaps, one or two things I wish I'd suggested during the session to perhaps add an extra frisson to proceedings, e.g. when being "waxed" I should have offered the front part of my body, I'm sure the ladies could have done some wonderful waxy things to my genitals! Something to explore next time methinks!
However, I have to say the session didn't disappoint, it was thrilling on so many different levels. The vanilla girls were very nice, and I really do like Aurora, either as a bratty princess, or as a normal person. She is lovely to talk to, and has the most infectious, bubbly personality. She radiated warmth and friendliness after the session was over, which greatly added to the positive feelings I had when leaving the dungeon premises.
Looking forward to the next time.
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