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Critical Mass
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Default Mistress Miranda Hanwell

Mistress Miranda

I have seen Mistress Miranda and several other doms over the past few years, increasingly I have gone back to Miranda through choice and sometimes convenience. Mistress Miranda lives relatively close to me so therefore is quite convenient. Over the years she has very gently taken me through my own path of self discovery so that now she is the key holder to my chastity device.

The thing that has impressed me most with Mistress Miranda is her ability to cater for my differences and physical infirmities. Many of the doms I have seen in the past when I have informed them that I cannot bend or perform certain kinds of movements have gone on to try and make me bend in that particular direction, they have quickly altered what they were doing when I squeaked, but nevertheless they had not taken fully on board what I could or could not do. Mistress Miranda has been unique in actually incorporating my physical stiffness into her sessions, so now my basic difficulties are catered for and are intimate to a session. I was involved in quite a serious accident in my 20s and I'm now stiff in areas where others are flexible, it really is quite irritating when he used to be very fit and you can't bend as well as you used to.

Mistress Miranda's premises are immaculately clean, and being a very fastidious person and worrying about such things as urinary infections etc etc she had no qualms about showing me her methods of sterilisation. She is continually adding a bewildering array of new equipment and applying them to every single scenario. Every time i are she has a wicked smile with comment of 'I have a new toy, lets try this!'

Given that my particular physical problems, she clearly takes great thought on what she intends to do. She has areas of personal preference which actually do nothing from me, but once again having stated my dislike of them they have never been touched on again. Her range of equipment is beyond extensive and if you love toys, technology and bondage it's a childs playground come true.

I think I can summarise my experiences with her in these words eminently professional, listening, intelligent, sense of humour and deeply compassionate and drop dead gorgeous! Everyone I have ever meet who has seen her remarks that there is always a sense of 'care and frienship' during a session, no matter what your desire or its outcome.

Am I a fan, oh yes, am I going back for bet!

Critical Mass
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