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Default Mistress Nadine, Coventry

Mistress Nadine offers many scenarios, but my interest is being caned, therefore this review is limited to that topic.

I am no youngster. I was caned at school, but by masters and I hated it, every time. However, I had long held a fascination for being caned by a woman. Over the years, the desire to be caned grew, until eventually I just had to experience it.

Having researched potential administrators of my punishment, I decided on Mistress Nadine, mainly I think because I warmed to her during and after a telephone conversation. On phoning her for the first time, I just explained what I felt I needed, my lack of experience and if she would consider seeing me. Even so, deep down, I was still worried I may have read things wrongly.

When I arrived at Mistress Nadine's premises, I was excited, but very nervous. We chatted over a coffee and much to my relief Mistress Nadine was utterly charming and understanding.

The discussion gave me confidence that this lady knew her subject, even though I didn't, but decided to just put my trust in her and be entirely in her hands as to the execution of my punishment.

With the introductory chat over, her demeanour changed, still charming, but authoritative, leaving me in no doubt as to who was in charge. I was told to strip and lay over the bench and I felt a growing apprehension as I was strapped in place, with no chance for me to move, let alone run for the hills. She then, inspected the target area in some detail before selecting a variety of canes, which were worryingly thicker than I would have chosen.

I was confident, although it was never stated, that there was going to be a warm-up before a cane was applied; a spanking, paddling, tawse and possibly other implements. However, the first implement she picked up was one of the canes. In my head I was questioning the faith I had put in her, with this denial of the expected warm-up and I just knew this was going to be really painful.

I remembered the advice I had read and took controlled, deep breaths and relaxed my buttocks, although that took some effort, especially as I could see her in action in a large mirror. When the first stroke was delivered, against all my expectations, it felt wonderful.

I was caned with all the canes she had selected, caned from both sides and had strokes accurately placed all over my buttocks, yet none too high, none too low and definitely no wrap-around. Periodically she would stop and run her hand over my 'tenderised' buttocks and inspect her handiwork. For the most part she allowed time to recover from each stroke, but not in every case, she caned me in the way that she saw fit and I welcomed that.

We had previously decided that the punishment was for my having asked an impertinent question and at one point, when the lady looked at me quizzically, I took this to be an unspoken way of asking if I had had enough, so I asked the impertinent question again and she happily returned to her task.

I did not know how many strokes I took in the session, but I felt it was certainly in excess of 60, although she later calculated in excess of 100. The actual number wasn't important to me, but the experience was and I appreciated the way she watched and adapted to my body language. The strokes were obviously not full force, but neither were they taps, to me they were good, meaningful strokes, akin to a school caning. More importantly for me, she seemed pleased with the level at which she could cane me.

After, she suggested I look at my buttocks in the mirror and see what I thought, I did and I gazed on a masterpiece.

Maybe it was risky, I did not know this lady, I just went with my instincts and possibly I was lucky that it turned out so well.

We chatted at length after and leaving aside the session itself, I see her as a lovely person for whom I have the deepest respect.

The great and as yet unanswered question is, as I never thought for one moment that I would be able to take the caning without what I saw as a conventional warm-up, how did she know I could? Obviously I could, because I did and it was just perfect for me.

That experience was some time ago, but it is my endorsement that I continue to be caned by her and it's still scary, but wonderful.

I have written this review to state my experience, not for any favour from the lady concerned in the extremely unlikely event that she might read this and work out who may have written it. I neither seek nor want any favour. I just felt my experience may be of interest to other members here.

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