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Default Mistress Velour - 'Review' or rather, reasons why we won't allow reviews for her.

As some of you may be aware, we have 2 controversial reviews of Mistress Velour. Unfortunately, we will not be publishing either of them. Please find below email content from both Velour and from her friend Jenna' who states that s/he is a friend of Velour who 'carries out forensic fraud investigations by trade on behalf of the UK Government and hoped s/he could provide her with advice.'

To be clear - we have provided copies of both reviews and asked repeatedly for a publishable response from Velour.

This is the email sent to one of our moderators. I want to make it clear that this sort of attitude and behaviour will NOT be tolerated on these boards, we have bent over backwards to accommodate Velour and 'Jenna'. I am leaving this here so that readers can make up their own minds. Please do not discuss Velour, in ether a positive or negative fashion on these boards.

The email, whilst a little confusing in parts, is below - please note - we have complied fully with the Defamation Act 2013 quoted below.
************************************************** ************

Miss Velour:* Fantastic.* Get as much information together as you can.* It seems like that this website and its Mistresses are intent on publishing a negative review about you despite the level of evidence supporting the fact it is defamatory.*

Mistress Adore:* Due to the level of personal information this individual has about Miss Velour and a level of anger and obsession that has lead this person to not only attempt to publish two defamatory reviews, but to also allegedly forge a plane ticket*(I say allegedly because we have never seen evidence of this), we have no option other than to report this matter to the police.* Accordingly, please provide all information you have to relating to this issue including and correspondence you have allegedly had with the 'owner'.

You have offered Miss Velour the chance to respond to the edited complaint, but you have failed to*provide a copy of what you intend to publish.* Please do so by return.* A full response will be provided.

To clarify, two complaints have been made by the same individual, both are false and defamatory:*

* The claim that the gentleman had an appointment where Miss Velour hit him in the face with a chain, is false.* Miss Velour never has males answer her telephone, males are never in attendance during appointments and she certainly did not hit a gentleman with a chain.* The appointment did not take place.

* Miss Velour has never invited any submissives to take her to*Hamburg.* Nor has she left any gentleman alone with no contact in a hotel.* Miss Velour does visit Hamburg and the dates are widely publicised on her social media sites.* However, she purchases her own tickets.* Although Miss Velour is often*referred to as 'Simone' or similar amongst friends, this is not her real name.* Her real name is European and not a name I have ever heard before in*English, hence her using an easily*memorable alternative.

Section 4 of the Defamation Act 2013 requires that a person publishing information about a person in the public domain must show*that they acted "responsibly" in doing so.* Given that you have dismissed quite a lot of the review on the basis that it is quite clearly a work of fiction of a begrudged individual, you cannot be considered to have acted responsibly.*

Section 5 of the Defamation Act 2013 (covering information published on a website), states that the party who caused the defamation is the party who published the statement, that being yourself, Mistress Adore, not the website owner or the website itself.**In accordance, with Section 5 of the Defamation Act 2013, please take this as formal notification that content of the reviews are not true and you have failed to provide evidence otherwise.*

I am very surprised that I am having this conversation with a professional Mistress within our UK fetish scene.* I notice that you have chosen to hide your identity in your media advertising, which demonstrates that you understand the risks that Mistresses take in this line of work.* The individual who posted the reviews have attempted to publish Miss Velour's*real name, address and telephone number.* The level of malice is alarming and Miss Velour feels unsafe walking to and from her premises knowing this individual will not be satisfied until he causes her sufficient harm.* The fact that your website is taking this individual seriously, despite the quite clear lies in his e-mails, is validating his actions to him.* This sends out*the entirely wrong message to men within the fetish scene and*their behaviour towards professional Mistresses.* We should be working together to end threatening and abusive behaviour in our industry, not encouraging it.

*** Updated to add the following***

'Jenna' reported this post to the police who contacted me. It's nothing more than a copywrite infringement and is a civil matter, Jenna made certain accusations (that I was trying to out her, that we'd publicly posted the reviews etc) The police were told the truth and yes, it's still a civil matter!

After this, Mistress Velour requested that she be added to the 'Mistresses who do not wish to be reviewed list.
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