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Default London Mistress Anastaxia Draganova (Dominatrix, wrestler and person par excellence)

It’s a long time since I have posted here so firstly hello – its good to be back to those that know me!

During in posting haitus I have still been sessioning regularly with Mistresses I know and every few months with new mistresses looking for something new, exciting and spectacular and as you can probably tell from my lack of posts that is not something I have found. Don’t get me wrong I have had some very good sessions, a larger number of good sessions, as well as a number of indifferent and sadly disappointing sessions but as you may have guessed from the title that changed recently when I had the pleasure (and pain) of meeting with the stunning Goddess Anastaxia in London.

Easy, fun and professional to communicate with throughout emails / calls and upon meeting her in person the cliché about being better looking than her photos and having some wonderful aura of dominance just overwhelmed me. Her photos are all recent and accurate but what they don’t convey is the presence she carries with her, intimidating, alluring, charming and that indescribably quality one can’t quite place but it is demanding of all your attention.

Now into the session and given her undoubted power and her professed skill on the wrestling mats and my stupid masochistic mind and complete lack of ground fighting experience the logical thing seemed to be to enjoy some wrestling – well perhaps enjoy is the wrong word though she certainly seemed to smile as she contorted me into new positions waiting for me to tap out or when tapping wasn’t possible begging to be let go. Now given my username of course I wanted to see how far she would go if I didn’t tap and without going into too much detail (though please feel free to PM me for more info) she is a genuine sadist who is stronger than you, more skilled than you and WILL hurt you if that’s what you ask for (I did ask for this and several days later I carry injuries to prove this so be careful what you ask for)

That said when we played in a less competitive way she was respectful of my limits, and showed her repertoire was far more rounded than a domme who wrestles a bit or indeed a wrestler who domes a bit. Genuinely skilled in both and I cannot recommend her highly enough, be you looking to session with an incredible looking Mistress for a softer session, a beautiful sadist for some serious pain or indeed if you want to find a stunning woman capable of genuinely beating you down you can’t go wrong. the best thing you experience though won’t be the physical actions you go through – it will be the energy, passion, and skill of the lady putting you through said actions.

Her studio is in a great location and very much set up for a wrestling environment but she has a good selection of more classical BDSM toys and having spoken about it I know she can also rent several dungeons in London that may be better suited to different scenarios.

Relatively new to the London scene I believe she is completely unique with the high level wrestling and genuine authentic BDSM sides to her character and she is someone I recommend to anybody but please feel free to PM me is you want any more info.

For members of our former colony ;-) I believe she has some travels planned to the states and later this summer and again if she is going to be in your city for a short time then it’s lucky you and get booking!

I have not written a review for a long time and I am doing so now because I have sessioned for around 20 years and seen over 100 Mistresses, some of whome I have served for many years as a collared slave and I have seen many good mistresses come and go from the scene. I have a seen few women I would describe as remarkable and of those handful of people I have been fortunate enough to encounter, Goddess Anastaxia is the only one still taking on new slaves. If I was in a different position in my personal life (and a bit selfish) I would keep quiet about her but I want her to be as successful as she can be and I want other people like me who are perhaps a bit jaded with the scene or are finding things a bit mechanical / boring to get in touch with her.

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