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Default Mistress Sakura of Manchester: an experience not to be forgotten

Let me be perfectly clear up front. This isn't an impartial review. Rather it's a long in the tooth sub sharing his excitement at having relatively recently connected with a wonderful new Mistress.

I've been sessioning on and off for around 30 years, so I've seen quite a lot. The great, the good and the bad in the Pro Domme world. And until a couple of years go I'd spent the best part of a decade loyal to a Mistress now retired.

Since then, I've seen a number of Dommes, including one or two of the very best known, with mixed results. Some sessions were great, others less so, but for whatever reason no one drew me back more than two or three times. I hadn't realised I'd become quite so fussy.

That was until April this year, when I met Mistress Sakura, almost by accident. Of mixed European and Asian heritage, Sakura is in her mid twenties and still relatively new to pro domming. Frankly, I doubted she'd have the experience to really interest me but I thought I'd meet her anyway.

I couldn't have been more wrong! Physically she is stunning - if young and beautiful is what you seek in a Mistress, there's no argument on that score. But much more important to me is that she has a long standing personal interest and deep understanding of D/s, always as I understand it as a Dominant. And this experience was something that became crystal clear within a few minutes of our very first meeting.

As a result she has been more than able to match my experience, to connect with me psychologically as well as physically and lead me on what has proved to be a unique and unrivalled exploration of Dominance and submission. She has captured my imagination, and so much more besides.

The way our D/s has continued to develop and evolve has been a particular feature. Each session different, whilst continuing the narrative established from the one before. Each meeting somehow surpassing the last, which itself had seemed to reach new heights. And this was true of my most recent one, which took place at the start of September.

As always, she looked amazing. On this occasion dressed in black lingerie, corset and heels to die for. She loves her shoes and boots and she really is beautiful.

I respond well to ritual and formality, something she also enjoys, and this is reflected in our time together. We invariably start with my kneeling at her feet, whilst she talks through her expectations of me. And these expectations feel like anything other than a script. They are real, and as a result from the very start I'm excited, nervous, eager to please. I have no doubt there will be consequences if I don't give of my very best.

Only when she is satisfied with my answers, does she fasten my collar. Her collar, even if only worn temporarily, is something to be earned.

This time she surprised me. She had decided she would beat me first. I don't say punish, she made it clear it wasn't a punishment. Just something to prove my commitment to her. I was restrained, arms and legs firmly secured, and then subject to her trial. Flogger, crop, dressage whip, cane followed. She knows how to warm up and minimise marking if that's a concern. If it's not, then she will be delighted to leave you a visible reminder of your time with her.

Satisfied, she collared me and I was sent to make her coffee. She has very specific requirements about how it should be made. Very specific!

The session then moved on. As always, different to the last whilst still a clear continuation of what we have established together. The way she changes the pace and intensity throughout is a particular feature. She takes care to read my mood, knowing when to push, when to encourage, when to offer respite.

In the hours that were to follow I was to bathe her feet, have an incredibly emotionally intimate introduction to breath play as she pinched my nose with my head resting on her lap, before being trampled, flogged again and given the privilege of worshipping her feet. The sight of her reflection in the mirror grinding her heel into my back might just be the most beautiful thing I've seen.

All done with understanding, empathy and in an utterly non judgemental way.

Although not incorporated this time I can testify to her fondness and skill with ropework. I also know that amongst other things she particularly enjoys her role as a humiliatrix as well as sissy and anal training. These aren't my main interests, but I'm now hoping to try each of these with her, for her, because it's her.

I'm conscious some of what I've written seems over the top. We're all different, and my views clearly reflect a very personal connection to Sakura. But I've been posting on this board since well before she became a professional Mistress and this is the first time I've shared my views on any Mistress. So whilst I'm biased, my opinions are at least sincerely held.

I can't speak highly enough of her attention to detail in session, and although she is still relatively new as a professional Mistress, I think she offers the possibility of a very different and realistic Female Domination experience.

Although our sessions reflect more of a lifestyle type dynamic, I know that her interests are genuinely broad, so I expect she could operate effectively in other scenarios. I think she'd also be very good with those experienced or less clear about what they want, as in her private life she is used to gently initiating the otherwise unsuspecting into D/s. Indeed, I expect she would be a particularly good place to start for those who are less confident.

Personally, I like her a lot and just hope our journey has only just begun.

Her website is Mistress Sakura

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