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Default Mistress Aleera London

After knowing Mistress Aleera for a while I have decided (with her consent) to write a review and also I am pleased to say to announce she has selected me to be "Her General" which I guess is best summarised somewhere between a close friend, a collared slave and in game of thrones parlance perhaps the hand of the Queen? Anyway I hope the following is somewhat insightful to those interested in visiting Mistress Aleera, and of course if anybody has any further queries please don't hesitate to PM me for further info or of course contact her directly for a session and for those who don't know who she is you can thank me later but please take a look at her website


Firstly for those of you that don't know my background I am in my late 30s and have been involved in the UK (mostly London) scene for around 20 years and I consider myself lucky to count many current and former Dommes as my friends whilst on my more personal BDSM journey the people most formative to me have been Meisterin J'zara (London & worldwide), Mistress Rixon (London and NYC) and Mistress Valeska (Manchester) though with many more along the way, however, when it comes to the very very best I really do find these four (Mistress Aleera included to be noteworthy)

Perhaps it was fate - after-all when collared a decade a ago I was known as "wolf" - ... and well Mistress Aleera is the self styled "Queen of Wolves" so as she says the fetish gods chose to drop the right person in her lap (though I insist they chose to drop me in the right lap) anyway moving on what can I say about Mistress Aleera...

Well she is copulating awesome would suffice for me but for those of you that want some further info she is (as you can see from her photos) stunning... what you cant see from the photos is that she is really a beautiful person as beyond her captivating physicality she is an extremely genuine person and not at all caught up in a domme persona rather she has a genuinely and naturally Dominant aura around her yet still managing to be really down to earth, fun, articulate, intelligent, cool, interesting and well as I said copulating awesome.

I am a pretty experienced player myself so I know where of I speak on this point but she is skilled and experienced with BDSM but to be completely honest stands out over my 20 years with her intuition and ability to read a situation and to be truthful is an absolute expert at putting people at ease which of course leads to a more genuine and better experience.

Anyway I guess by this point if your still reading you want details and pragmatics so I'll do my best and due to the fact that we have spent many hours in each other company perhaps its most poignant if I focus on the last couple of hours we enjoyed as these sum her up really well.

She has access to a number of facilities but often operates from a well known establishment in London that is spacious and well equipped and given the recent heatwave I certainly found myself grateful of the aircon as I was strapped up to a sling and found her probing my anal regions and well lets just say she can take things as extreme as you want (as evidenced from a pic from our session)

But where the session really came into its own was with electrics... something I know she enjoys and something I have more than a passing acquaintance with and frankly she hurt me - or to be more specific I looked in her eyes and said please copulating hurt me and well she did (another great thing about the premises is you can scream as loud as you like and nobody will hear you except mistress Aleera and honestly she is more likely to laugh than relent... if you ask for it then hey your getting it so be careful what you ask for!

however to summarise her, and our connection in a few lines it comes down to this - the more I struggled, the more I screamed the more she smiled... and not a fake smile, but a genuinely happy and excited smile... as my body started to struggle and convulse her eyes started to roll into the back of her head and her smile lit up the room as she relished the pain... she really enjoyed the suffering and honestly if your a masochist ill just say this "she gets it" simple as that!

Now of course its a spectrum and she deals with newbies through to people like myself and she deals with them all with the same level of excellence - she also films and is active on the party / club scene but rather than go on about her I'll leave it as this.

She is copulating awesome - go see her... just be advised she gets a lot of applicants so do yourself a favour and rad her website to know her no go areas and if you make an application follow her advise .... make it brief and make it good... and trust me she is worth it!

AKA General to Mistress Aleera
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